IB MasterMind

The private tutor for everyone.

There’s something missing from IB resources.

The problem is that all of the focus is on content – on what you have to learn. Content is important, of course, but huge amounts of research has shown that learning content is the wrong place to start. The best way to learn is practice, focusing on learning how to solve real questions under real exam conditions.

However, this isn’t easy when you’re studying the IB, where prior exam questions are hard to obtain and the practice questions in textbooks are nothing like actual exam questions. The difficulty and workload of the IB can be overwhelming.


We make it easy.


We start by throwing you in the deep end.¬†When you log in, you’ll have two options: training mode and exam mode. In training mode, we serve you practice (exam) questions one by one. These questions are designed to target your weaknesses, improving your overall performance and understanding as efficiently as possible.

In exam mode, we simulate an actual IB exam, including time pressure. We measure the time you spend on each question and your performance, and provide you with advice on improving your exam technique – while teaching you to excel under the pressure of IB exams.


The next step is to mark your own answers. This step is crucial, as it teaches you to think like an examiner, and forces you to understand where you made mistakes. We provide clear, detailed marking guides for every one of our questions, so you can see exactly how the question is solved.

Once you’ve marked your answer, input the score so you can track your performance and progress.


By starting with questions instead of content, we make sure you don’t waste your time reading over things you already understand. When you get questions wrong, the marking guide (including videos and images for difficult concepts) should be enough. If you’re still having difficulty understanding something, you can instantly post to our forums to receive help from other students, and from us personally.


By recording your study, we are able to provide detailed analysis of your progress in real time. This lets you see your areas of strength and weakness, the time you spend on different types of questions, and even predicted final grades.


The best way to deeply understand something is to teach it. That’s why we encourage peer-to-peer learning once you’ve got a solid grasp of a given topic. Answer questions on the forum to earn Reputation, or use the hours you spend teaching (and learning!) towards CAS requirements.
Frequently Asked Questions
If you have any unanswered questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
How does IB MasterMind work?

First, we give you problem questions to solve. These problem questions are designed to be similar to actual IB exams, and you’re given a time limit to aim for, to provide the closest possible experience to actual exams.

Then, you mark your work. We provide an easy-to-understand mark scheme for each question, which also explains how to solve it. Marking your own work is extremely important, because it gets you used to what examiners are looking for.

Finally, you input your scores, and we use it to evaluate the questions and content you should focus on for maximum efficiency. You can also view all of your own statistics, to see which areas you are strong and weak in and your improvement over time.

What subject are covered?
For now, only Mathematics SL. We’re looking at covering (in roughly the following order) Mathematics Studies, SL/HL Chemistry, SL/HL Physics, and SL/HL Biology.
What if I get stuck?
For particularly complex or difficult questions, we provide links to videos explaining how to do that type of problem. If you’re still stumped, just click the button under the question you got stuck on and type your question.

You’ll get help from other students or from us (or both!). Answers from other students are certified by us, so that you know you can rely on that information.

I use a different method of learning. Can I do both?
There’s no reason that you can’t use IB MasterMind with other learning resources or methods. It is designed to be a sufficient standalone method, but how you study is up to you. A word of warning, though: lots of students prefer study methods such as watching videos, taking notes or highlighting/underlining. These methods are dangerous because they feel like learning, but you’re not actually doing anything difficult – you’re not practising. To learn effectively, regular practice is essential, which is why we suggest doing questions first and only turning to watching or reading content when you can’t solve it.
How often should I be studying?
This depends on where you’re at and what grade you’re aiming for. When you join we’ll ask you what your goals are, and use that information along with your performance to suggest study times. In general if you’re aiming for a 6 or 7, you want to be studying each subject for at least a couple of hours each week – but studying effectively is better than studying for a long time.