Terms and Conditions of Service

This is an agreement between the owners of this website (https://ibmastermind.com, hereafter “us”, “IB MasterMind”) and you (“you”, “the user”) for provision of learning services. By registering an account and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you become a user, and agree to be bound by this contract for the duration of your use of this service.

This agreement is subject to amendment by IB MasterMind at any time. Any such changes will be posted on the website. Your continued use of the service will constitute acceptance of that revision.


1. About IB MasterMind


(a) IB MasterMind is a learning tool designed to assist students and schools with the IB Diploma. It provides the following key services:

  • A database of high-quality practice questions, modelled directly on past IB exams;
  • Detailed worked solutions in plain English;
  • Tracking of individual results (including result history, time spent per question, and breakdowns by topic), allowing students to visualise their progress and see their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Simulated exams with time-management feedback;
  • Personal help from experienced private tutors with any questions the students are still struggling with; and
  • Engagement features including “streaks”, peer tutoring, goal-setting and feedback.

(b) We strive to improve our service rapidly to meet user requests. As such, the design  of IB MasterMind and the services it provides are intended to evolve over time.


2. Registration


(a) In order to use IB MasterMind, you are required to register an account. We offer both free and subscription account options. By registering an account, you warrant to IB MasterMind that the information you have provided is true an accurate, and that the account is for purely personal use (and is not to be shared or sold without permission).



3. Provision of Services


(a) We will comply with relevant laws, including any relevant privacy laws (noting in particular the Australian Privacy Principles).

(b) We will use reasonable skill and care in providing services to you. This includes checking the scientific validity of the teaching methods used.

(c) We will ensure that the website is maintained, secure and readily accessible.



4. Subscriptions

(a) IB MasterMind provides the user with a limited, non-transferable licence to access specific parts of the website, depending on the account time. You agree not to provide access to these services to any third party without express permission.

(b) You agree not to profit commercially from this service.

(c) Payments for paid memberships are made in consideration for access to improved resources and services. Prices for these services are subject to change, but only with your express agreement.

(d) We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time, effective immediately, at the sole discretion of IB MasterMind. A cancelled membership will not be further charged or refunded. In particular, the following may result in account cancellation:

  • Bully or harassing other members or staff;
  • Posting of offensive, derogatory or discriminatory words or material;
  • Unauthorised account sharing;
  • Copyright infringement.

(e) Should you wish to cancel your subscription, it is your responsibility to do so. Refunds are at the sole discretion of IB MasterMind.



5. Confidentiality and Privacy

(a) We agree to protect the confidentiality and privacy of all user of IB MasterMind.

(b) The user and IB MasterMind are bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.



6. Intellectual Property

(a) We warrant that we own the intellectual property in all of the learning materials provided to the user.

(b) You agree that by using IB MasterMind, all intellectual property provided to https://ibmastermind.com is vested in us.

(c) You must not use IB MasterMind to infringe any party’s intellectual property rights, or to facilitate the infringement of any party’s intellectual property rights.



7. Schools and Institutions

(a) In the case of specific contracts between IB MasterMind and a school, organisation or institutions, any inconsistency between this Agreement and that other individual contract should be resolved by following the terms of that other contract.



8. Disputes

(a) The parties agree to make a good faith and reasonable effort to resolve any dispute which arises between them through negotiation, without resorting to use of legal procedures.

(b) If negotiations fail, a recognised form of alternative dispute resolution should be employed.



9. Jurisdiction

(a) This agreement is covered by the laws of Queensland, Australia. The parties submit to the jurisdiction to the courts of Queensland.



10. No Waiver

(a) Any failure of IB MasterMind to enforce a right specified by this contract shall not constitute an abandonment or waiver of that right. Waivers are only effective when made in writing.